Canada or Bust!

Canada on a Shoe String

Update January 2008

Yesterday we received the permission from Sitz and Titz 2’s school.  A week before that we had already received permission from Titz 1’s school.  So.  It would appear that I can book the flight and look for housing as of April 1st.


Pitz’s mother (my mother in law) has been in the hospital since the Christmas holidays.  We have heard every thing from 1 year to live (cancer) to “we can beat this”.  She is still in the hospital and will be transferred to a liver clinic in Frankfurt on Feb. 7th.  Basically:  if she is terminally ill and returns home (we live together in the same house), then I will not be coming in the spring (we still plan for the summer).  She and my father-in-law will need help here in the house.  If she is “well” enough, then we may travel.  If she passes away quickly, then we shall have to decide depending on how my father-in-law is.  He is doing fine, mastering the house work rather well.  When he is off to the hospital on his daily visits I go run a check of his apt., clean the bathroom etc.  But he is really doing well in this aspect.  He joins us for the warm meals of the day.  

So, everything is up in the air.  If we come, we will be looking for a place in the Huntsville/Port Sydney area as the school the children will attend is in Utterson, so if you know anyone with a cottage, apt. or house for rent… let me know!

Please pray for Maria and Karl Dieter.  Pray for the doctors and for clarity while running the tests.  Thank you.


The formal request is going out today

The request to have our three schooled children excused from school from April 1st (no joke!) through to the end of the school year will be delivered by me personally to both schools today.

So hopefully we will be able to take more concrete steps in our planning sometime soon.

Until then virtually everything is on hold… but more about that later.


Today we received in the mail a letter from Talita’s school principle.  She insists that Talita attend — physically — a öffentliche school.  Öffentlich means public.  I have a private school.  Well, I have a Christian school (I assume it is a private school) which will take Talita or all three children.  We did not hear from the other school (with Simeon and Tiria in attendance). 

Our school in Canada will hopefully be Muskoka Christian School.  I say hopefully because Talita’s school can still veto the whole deal. 

For those of you praying:  pray for permission to come to Canada.  Pray for accomodations.  And pray that I accept how God chooses to answer these prayers.

I must say at this point that I am getting more and more geared to LEAVE this country.  I wish my husband felt the same way as I do.  The fact that this school administrator, who does not even know my child, who trusts her teachers, who also have not known my daughter for more than three months… and basically can make a decision as to whether or not this child can travel with us is frightening and frustrating.

More to come in the new year.

Merry Christmas to y’all!

One down, perhaps a different possibility?

Pitz has corrected the letters and will bring them to me this evening.  The kids will take them to school tomorrow.

Montessori in Huntsville has waiting lists and can not accomodate our three children.  I did not at this time ask if they would consider an affiliate school contract (sign the kids up, “buy” the curriculum and homeschool it with reports coming from them).  I may be so bold if I end up desperate.

Still hoping and praying that God will give us the opportunity to homeschool.

A dear friend has approached a community of Mennonites to see if there are any connections to “private” Mennonite schools in Ontario which might be able to accomodate us.  This would also be a very enriching experience, one I would be very open to.  It would be quite different from Montessori and perhaps quite different from the schooling the kids are used to at present.  Yet the solid education, the probability that the children remain in one and the same class, the eventuality that some if not all speak German is simply a great complimentary to the fact that the foundations in Faith will be solid and I anticipate very much a part of the curriculum.  That alone would make this school option very attractive.

So, with so many ideas swirling out there, I will not be surprised to come to realize that God has something else for us in store!  Please pray that he would grant us peace and wisdom in making choices and following “leads”… He will provide, we just need to follow in his steps…

Please Pray

We have found a school board which will take all three children.  This is the Trillium Lakelands School Board.  All children could be schooled in the same school.

The problem with this solution is that we would have to rent an apt. or home or cottage for three months:  April, May and June in the district, ideally near the school.  Plus I would have to homeschool the children in their German lessons AFTER school hours, making for a long day for all of us (Oh, we could get up earlier and do this in the morning…!).

My preference would be to use the German system for diplomates and missionaries (the only way to “homeschool” legally for German children somehow attatched to the German school system… and since my children need to return to that system in the fall…).  I have written two letters, one for each principle, asking if they would accept an enrolement in the German distance learning schools.  Pitz will proofread them for me today and hopefully I will have the corrected letters tomorrow to give to the administration by Wednesday.

Please pray that we find a workable solution for the children.  I will school them if it is absolutly necissary.  Pray that the school would have the best interests of each individual child in view and make a decision which would honour God.  And pray that God would prepare other circumstances to compliment the school’s decision:  if they are to go to school, that God would provide housing for us.

Thank you for your prayers.  If we hear anything by Friday, I will let you know.  Otherwise, there will be a three week break starting a week from today in this whole process as the schools here close for three weeks Christmas holidays.  Your prayers in this time will not go unheard!  I am getting excited to see how God works in this situation!

Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Anitz and family

We could be running against a wall here…

So I write to keep those who might read this up-to-date:

IF YOU CAN HELP, I really would appreciate any possible solution!

The run down:

We hope to come at the latest beginning April.

Talita’s principle has told me (via her homeroom teacher–I still have yet to meet the principle) that she cannot grant Talita to leave the school for that long without a school registration from the school in Canada which she would be attending.  They need an acceptance letter, name, contact info (tel. and postal address).

This posses various problems:  an acceptance letter comes once I have applied and payed for her to attend the school.  I would rather do that ONCE I have assurance that the kid can then leave school here…!  Because I probably will not get my money back….!

Basically they figure that the kid will only learn anything if she is in a school building (cause the institutional walls and roof are so important to learning).  There is a German homeschooling “company” which works for the government to facilitate Missionaries and diplomates living outside of Germany whose children will someday essentially return to the German school system.  This is a certified programme and would give the children report cards which are catering directly to the system they are currently schooled in.  This would erase any potential problems with the curriculum not matching up (if the children were to visit a Canadian school).

I do not know if the school would allow the children (or more specifically Talita) to do this instead of sitting out her time in a canadian school only to sit in the evenings to do her German school work.

My question is this:

Is there a homeschooling “system” based in Ontario (with address/phone numbers, all contacts in Ontario), which would also write us report cards.  I am thinking of something like Clonlara.  It does not need to be Clonlara, but funktion like Clonlara… Then I would bring the school books with the kids and homeschool them myself and get credit for various things in agreeance with the homeschool organization…

Does that make sense to anyone?  Any suggestions?  Help!

Hourly changes seem to be “in”…

Wow, am I ever glad to have started the whole process early!  There are many things to be considered and so much has already been done… our trip is slowly taking on form, although I do welcome your feedback….

The plans to date are:

  1. Extended trip from end March to end July.  This brings a whole different batch of questions:  where to stay with five kids, how to deal with “school” for three children, what about health insurance, is it better to buy a van and sell at the end of the trip????
  2. Vacation within vacation:  In June/July Pitz will be joining us for 4 weeks.  Do we travel all over the place to visit people (with/without going to the States), do we rent an rv for travels, do we buy a huge tent?
  3. Extended “English” contact with other children:  presently we are leaning toward going to a family cottage (rather secluded) for the “school” months and homeschooling the German system.  This raises the question:  do we enrole the children in a sleepaway camp (like Mini-yo-we), do we look for day camp (for example in Oakville), do we co-ordinate camping or extended visits with friends who have children, what about Vacation Bible School or Scouting camps?

So, does anyone have a wise word or suggestion to the above mentioned issues?